LiveLink Business Process Management Server

Open Text Business Process Management Server (formerly Livelink ECM - Business Process Management Server) manages your company's structured workflows by analyzing, administrating, automating and optimizing them.

Due to its flexible and scalable design, Open Text Business Process Management (BPM) Server enables you to manage the most extensive complex processes, comprising millions of transactions, thousands of users and several applications.

Open Text BPM Server provides the following features:

* Event-based processing: Open Text BPM Server's event-based processing capabilities increase business agility and responsiveness by automatically reacting to transactions and business events.
* Process accountability: Auditing, analysis, and reporting capabilities ensure optimized business decisions by controlling workflows, performing detailed analyses of current and historical process information, and validating process changes.
* Escalation management: By monitoring timelines, Open Text BPM Server helps shorten processing cycles.
* Process capabilities and scalability: Manage diverse business processes, including complex ones with millions of transactions and thousands of users.
* Application integration: Integrate business applications, such as ERP or legacy applications, not just to ensure the process flow, but to also provide an integrated user-friendly interface for users struggling to work between different applications.
* Graphical process design and modeling: Open Text BPM Server's graphical process designer is a user-friendly design environment that enables developers to rapidly define and administer business processes. Fast, efficient, and cost-effective implementation of business processes provides the flexibility necessary to handle all types of changes and processes.
* Standards support: Support for standards like XML and WfMC (Workflow Management Coalition Interface) ensures the protection of legacy investments (such as claims processing systems) through robust integration capabilities.
* Easy-to-use: Out-of-the-box mail client integration allows for fast implementation and roll-out without extensive training, and ensures user acceptance and satisfaction. By intergating with applications like Microsoft Outlook, users throughout the enterprise contribute to the workflow in a unified approach, which provides on-demand access to workflows and processes.

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