Open Text Extended Workflow

Collaborative workflow processes are central to business success, moving content and knowledge among workers and through business process stages. Filling out purchase orders, reviewing public-facing marketing documents, and processing loan approvals - these are just a few examples of business activities that involve a number of employees, and rely on multi-step workflows.

Although workflows are important for business, optimizing workflow efficiency and ensuring consistency can be difficult. As organizations grow:

* Paper-based transactions that once worked smoothly begin to hamper productivity.
* Information once stored in a single, centralized repository spreads across multiple servers, platforms, and storage formats, making it difficult to find the right information and follow workflow procedures.
* Process inconsistencies increase legal and compliance risks, process tracking becomes difficult, and delayed approvals extend project timelines.

Open Text Extended Workflow helps to unite the people, process, and content that move workflows, providing tools to automate, analyze, and streamline business processes. Extended Workflow integrates everyday business processes with IT systems to significantly improve productivity and efficiency while reducing costs. Offering easy-to-use process definition, monitoring, and analysis tools, Open Text Extended Workflow provides the functionality to help businesses define processes, observe process effectiveness, and address any deficiencies.

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