What is Sharepoint?

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), is a product in the Microsoft SharePoint family of products, and runs on top of Windows SharePoint Services (WSS). MOSS builds on WSS by adding both core features as well as end user web parts to it. Its main strength is enabling an organization’s information to be organized and aggregated in one central, web-based application and provide a taxonomy for corporate data. MOSS integrates closely with applications in the Microsoft Office suite and adds various features such as hierarchical organization of content areas, enhanced navigation, Single Sign On, personalization features, indexed search, the Business Data Catalog, and in-browser rendering and, in certain cases, editing of Microsoft Office documents. It can also be used to create specialized document-specific libraries, such as Microsoft PowerPoint slide libraries, which can be used to share not only specific slides from a presentation but their design as well.[1] The latest version, MOSS 2007, improves over its predecessor, SPS 2003, in integrating with Microsoft Office applications, enterprise content management (with the integration of Microsoft Content Management Server into MOSS), Enterprise Search, web content management, more specialized document management, records management, Web 2.0 collaboration functionality like blogs and wikis, delivery of information stored in SharePoint via RSS, and the ability to take content and lists offline with Outlook 2007 and Microsoft Access. A MOSS application can abstract multiple WSS sites under the covers.

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